MINI Electric (2020) Review

MINI Electric (2020) At A Glance


+Fun to drive. Interior just as premium as any other MINI.

-Very firm ride. 145-mile range will deter some buyers.

While some manufacturers are taking radical approaches to launching electric cars, MINI is keeping it simple. The MINI Electric is essentially a three-door MINI Hatch, with its conventional powertrain ditched in favour of a 184PS electric motor and 32.6kWh battery pack.

You can choose various options to make it look more like an electric car if you wish (such as the unique plug-like alloy wheels or Energetic Yellow door mirrors), but as standard you’d be hard pushed to distinguish the MINI Electric from a petrol model, save for the lack of exhaust pipes.

The result is a car that should appeal to typical MINI buyers - you don't need to be an early-adopter to buy a MINI Electric. It's also just as fun to drive as a standard MINI, only with all the benefits of electric power, including instant acceleration and a lack of noise.

On the downside, it’s heavier than a normal MINI, meaning it thumps over bumps in the road, but it still provides that go-kart driving experience the brand is known for.

It feels just like a MINI inside, with lots of high-quality materials and quirky features. It's not a particularly practical car, although the batteries haven't hindered boot space at all, meaning there's more loadspace than a Honda E. Not that that's saying a lot.

The MINI Electric has value for money going for it, starting from £24,400 after the Government's plug-in car grant. That's for the pretty comprehensively equipped Level 1 model, equating to around £299 per month on finance. There are no cost options to choose from, either, making ordering a MINI Electric a refreshingly simple process.

It's not a car that caters for long-distance driving, though. Officially it can travel up to 145 miles between charges, meaning you'll be feeling pretty anxious after around 100 miles. Fine for local driving, but you'll have to get acqainted with the public charging infrastructure if you wish to travel further afield.

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