VIDEO: 2019 Nissan Juke review - no longer awful, at least

Published 14 October 2019

We've driven the all-new Nissan Juke and while it's much improved over the old one, it has a lot to do to keep up with the class leade...ah, who are we kidding - it's going to sell bucketloads regardless.

Click play below to see Mark's take and let us know what you make of the new Juke in the comments. 


Deadwoodward    on 14 October 2019

Brilliant review, love your style. Original Juke was horribly ugly. Remarks about engine would put off a lot of people.

Johnfrog    on 14 October 2019

Original Nissan “Joke” has to be the ugliest car on the road. I can recommend a good optician to anyone who bought such an awful car Oh and it’s terrible to drive as well.

John7110    on 14 October 2019

@Gavin Scott: The Nissan Duke is a first class piece of DOG POO!

P Menzies    on 14 October 2019

I had a diesel juke as a courtesy car and I could not believe how bad it was. The new one has got to be better it couldn't be worse!

Christopher Baglin    on 15 October 2019

Back in 2014 I drove a lot of Jukes when I worked for a company that held Nissan UK's demo fleet. Whilst undoubtedly ugly, I didn't think they were terrible- I much preferred the Juke over almost anything from Vauxhall- the Mokka and the Corsa of that time were not particularly pleasant to drive- and rattly even direct from the factory.

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