Our Cars: Renault Captur

Mark's time with the Captur is up. Here's the end-of-term report, including the strange disappearance of a heavy goods vehicle.
Mark gets an exclusive chat with Anthony Lo, Vice President of Exterior Design for Renault. And gets some interesting insights.
Mark has been driving several other small crossovers - like the Nissan Juke - and comparing them to the Captur.
After almost six months with the Captur things were going so well. But then a switch broke, creating a build quality storm in a teacup.
Mark is finding that overtaking National Express coaches in the Captur can be a long, drawn-out affair.
Mark is trying to improve the fuel economy of the Captur dCi engine. But without much success so far.
Mark's suspicions about a gammy SD card were correct. It had corrupted itself. And so he had to use something called a 'map'.
Our Captur has thrown its toys out of the pram and decided it doesn't want the navigation to work anymore.
Mark's relationship with the Renault Captur is still defined by one thing: the multimedia system.
For a supposed family car, our Captur is lacking in cabin storage, which when you have children, is not ideal...
Mark is having a right beeping good time with the Renault Captur which is determined to remind him of everything. Always.
Our newest contributor Mark takes delivery of our newest arrival, the Renault Captur. But is it really just a new Modus?

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